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If you’re unsure about how to start your own online marketing campaign, look to successful online businesses for inspiration. Consider the following examples: Coke, Tesla, Lululemon, and others. You may even be able to find recipes for improving your own website. By implementing these strategies, you can improve your website, create a better user experience, and ultimately make more money. However, it is essential to understand how to create an effective campaign, as these examples are far from a complete guide to online marketing.


If you’ve ever seen a Coke ad, you know that the brand is not about delivering a drink. Instead, they’re trying to deliver happiness in a bottle. Their marketing efforts include OOH, digital, experiential, PR, and the famous supersized tongue. The company has taken these tactics a step further, creating a website that makes the brand memorable in the minds of its target audience.

The brand’s latest campaign is the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, a global initiative that was launched in over fifty countries in 2018. This ad used local messages and celebrities to target the market in each country. It also created a viral sensation, thanks to its “Send a Coke” campaign, where consumers could text a friend’s name to have the person’s name displayed on the iconic Coca-Cola sign.

The design of the bottle is also an excellent example of a brand-building strategy. Coca-Cola has been in business for centuries, with over two thousand products shipped to 200 countries. In addition to its enduring popularity, the company also has a rich history of making mistakes. Although it has had its share of marketing missteps, it has stayed atop the soft-drink industry in terms of sales, and has managed to win the hearts of billions of people around the world.


If you’re looking for examples of Lululemon online marketing, consider how they’ve incorporated men’s clothing into their offerings. Although the brand has traditionally targeted women, it has recently expanded into the men’s market with collaboration with Mr. Porter, an award-winning online retail destination. In this way, the brand is able to reach both sexes without sacrificing its feminine image.

A lululemon online marketing example involves the company’s Ambassadors’ Program, a program that selects passionate individuals in different cities to promote their brand. These ambassadors must be authentic representatives of the community and represent the company’s values. Their efforts ignite authenticity and create a fresh, unique connection with prospective customers. The brand also piggybacks on the reputations of smaller local businesses. This strategy demonstrates how influencer marketing works for a company that doesn’t have the luxury of mass-production advertising budgets.

Lululemon’s stores became community hubs on weekends, hosting free yoga classes and a weekday running club. The founder, Chip Wilson, made the company a fitness hub by turning his office space into a yoga studio in the evening. By positioning itself as a “community hub” that fosters interaction and conversation, Lululemon is able to keep their brand in front of consumers and remain a part of their lives.


As the world’s most expensive car, Tesla is not in the business of working with dealerships to sell their cars. They have a website, company-owned showrooms and galleries, and an online store. Their strategy is to control the entire purchasing process, so they can earn higher margins and save money. As a result, their social media marketing has been the most effective so far. But it’s hard to see how this can be sustained for a company with less than 10,000 vehicles sold worldwide.

The company’s marketing strategy has been designed to attract the ideal demographic, and that means a mix of millennials and environmentalists. Using social media and online forums to attract this audience is an effective strategy. In addition, it also encourages word-of-mouth advertising to get the word out. As a result, Tesla’s marketing strategy revolves around the customer’s experience and encourages them to pass along the word of mouth about the company.

A successful Tesla marketing strategy will have a strong mission statement and incorporate digital and promotional efforts. It will also draw on lessons from other brands and provide an elevated view. These will serve as the cornerstones of your marketing strategy. Among these online marketing examples are the sales automation software, sales pipeline stages, and useful elevator pitch examples. The company also has a great online community that engages users publicly. This provides a wealth of content and owner passion.

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