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The curriculum for an online marketing bachelor’s degree consists of 120 credits, which include classes on leadership principles, product and brand management, project management, and marketing concepts in an international setting. The program requires a minimum GPA of 2.3, and applicants should have two years of work experience. Applicants must also have taken the SAT or ACT, or have a high school GPA equivalent. The program can be completed fully online or at a local university.

Typical curriculum

Typical coursework for an online marketing bachelor degree consists of 120 credits in general education, business communications, and management. Additional courses include entrepreneurship, international business, and marketing concepts. Students must complete at least 12 transferable credits to be eligible for the program. Online marketing bachelor degrees generally require 120 credits for graduation. Students can complete core coursework in accounting, management, business communications, and statistics. Some programs may offer specializations in digital marketing, social media marketing, and digital advertising.

Admission requirements for online marketing bachelor’s degrees are similar to those for on-campus programs. In addition to submitting official high school transcripts, students must also complete a personal statement, as well as submit standardized test scores. Online programs may have a more flexible academic calendar. Some universities offer four-, five-, or eight-week terms. Students can also choose the start date of their program and enroll on a different schedule.

Concentrations available

There are several concentrations available for an online marketing bachelor degree. Students can concentrate in areas such as advertising, consumer behavior, public relations, retailing, or sales. This degree will give them the foundational skills to excel in various marketing jobs. Students should have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 to enroll in a marketing concentration. The degree program will include 120 credits and three specialized courses. Online students can complete their degree program at their own pace, regardless of where they live.

Students may choose to focus on marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, or research. The online marketing bachelor degree will teach them how to measure and track marketing ROI. Students can also choose a concentration in digital marketing, which focuses on reaching and engaging audiences through digital channels. The concentration can be used to prepare students for jobs such as copywriters or online marketers. Those who pursue an online marketing bachelor degree will find a job in a field that is constantly changing.


An online marketing bachelor’s degree from Western Governors University (WGU) is the most affordable of the various programs available. Tuition is billed every six months and comes to $135 per credit hour. WGU’s online degree program includes classes in communication, quantitative analysis, business management, and content strategy. Students will have access to a mentor and can complete their program in four years, which is considerably shorter than the traditional four-year degree.

The cost of a four-year college education can range from $42,000 to $152,000. This cost will vary greatly depending on the state in which you live and the school you attend. In-state students will pay about $10,740 a year at a public four-year university, whereas out-of-state students will pay upwards of $27,000. Private colleges in another state may charge higher tuition fees. Online marketing bachelor’s degrees save you money because you don’t have to pay tuition fees for living on campus and can work from home.


An accredited online marketing degree can help you land a lucrative job in the field. Many of these degrees focus on digital marketing and social media. Whether you want to be a copywriter or a marketing manager, a bachelor’s degree in this field will give you the skills you need. Some programs offer specializations in SEO, copywriting, and international marketing. Other programs have general marketing courses and allow you to choose electives from different fields.

An accredited online marketing bachelor degree program meets rigorous academic standards, ensuring that you’ll graduate with a high-quality degree. Be sure to find an accredited program before enrolling. Accredited programs adhere to the highest standards in higher education, and many of the best marketing bachelor degree programs also hold programmatic accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Typically, online marketing bachelor degree programs require 120 credits to complete. Core curriculum courses focus on budgeting, management, and marketing strategy. Online marketing degrees also require business communications and finance classes.

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